When I'm not out selling real estate, I love spending time with my wife Heather, and daughters, Makena, 6, and Alisa, 4.  There are so many fun things to do for families, but I thought I'd write this blog post about some fun things we enjoy.

The Arcata Farmers Market- at the Arcata plaza every Saturday through October, starts at 9:00 AM.  Unbelievable variety of gorgeous produce, flowers, foods, music.  Just a really fun couple hours on a lazy Saturday morning, great way to start the weekend.  This is Arcata at its very best!

Blackberry picking at the fish hatchery in blue lake.  Oops!  I gave away our best spot!  I hope my wife and kids don't read this!  The blackberries are peaking now, and will be for the next couple weeks as I write this in September.  Great way to spend a couple hours on the weekend, walk down the path towards the Mad River and you will run right into some great black berry bushes.  The paved path is also wheelchair friendly and fully handicapped accessible, and there is a nice spot by the Mad River, which is also the only handicapped accessible fishing spot I have ever seen.   Bring lots of quarters with you for fish food at the hatchery.  The last time we were there, we ran into the hatchery manager, he was awesome and a real ambassador for the hatchery.  Be sure to look way up at the wires, there are several resident osprey, that much to the chagrin of the hatchery manager, swoop down into the holding ponds and fly off with, according to him, up to 10 trout a day each!   We were fortunate enough to see the osprey last time, and it was awesome!

Redwood Park, Arcata.   For families, definitely take 11th Street to the top, then go left into the winding road into the park, and this will take you to the parking that is closest to the playground.  (much easier than taking the Union Street entrance).  Huge open park with lawns and a picnic area, huge playground, tons of space for kids to run around, picnic tables, and some very easy, kid friendly trails.  Walk across the huge lawn surrounded by redwood trees, and simply take trail "1".  Its a short loop, about 1/2 a mile at most, goes just a little ways out into the forest and loops right back.  Some cool huge downed trees, old snags, fun places for the kids to explore along the way.  Just the right length! 

Trinidad Head.  Is this the prettiest hike anywhere?  It just might be, and its the perfect length for a family with young children, about 15-20 minutes to walk all the way around the head.  Park at Trinidad beach, then walk up the paved path that's on the opposite side of the parking lot as the beach.  The bay side of the trail is completely paved for about 1/2 a mile, and overlooks Trinidad bay and the town, stunning views!  For families with very young kids, bring the Bob or stroller, and do the paved half.  The paved path goes up hill and turns to gravel, then gets pretty narrow along the ocean side of the loop, these views are even more outrageously gorgeous than the bay side!  Sea Stacks, waves breaking over rock outcroppings, just doesn't get much better.  This section is doable on a Bob type stroller, but a little narrow and tricky in a few places, still lots of fun.  If you are going to do the whole loop with your Bob, etc, go clockwise starting with the bay side first, as that will put you onto the tricky sections on the ocean side of the trail going downhill, much easier!  Be careful of poison oak, for some reason this is the only place this close to the ocean where there is a lot of it.  If everyone isn't worn out, go to Trinidad beach, or walk down to the Trinidad Pier, which was beautifully redone by the owners, the Trinidad Rancheria.