If you are getting your home ready for sale, there are a few things you can do in under an hour that will make a big difference that are inexpensive or free. 

1) Cleaning- interior-  when your home is all ready, take an extra hour and clean it again.  Go over the floors again, clean the windows with windex, knock down any cobwebs, get that last little bit of grime off the tile grout.

2) Cleaning- exterior- knock down all cobwebs from the exterior of your home and windows, this will usually take you about 15 minutes to run around your entire house.  You will notice cobwebs accumulating on exterior lighting fixtures, siding, etc.  First go around your home quickly, then use a ladder or stepstool, or whatever you have, to get up a little higher.  Use a soft bristle broom if possible, and go over the siding you can reach, you'll be surprised how many cobwebs and spider webs you will notice once you get started.

3) Touch up painting- interior-  Get your extra paint from your garage and a small paintbrush, and quickly go around  your home and dab all the scuffs that you see, you will be amazed how many you will find once you get started.  Pay close attention to the "sheen" on the can, usually the bulk of your home is "flat" or "eggshell", and your bathrooms are "satin". 

4) Touch up painting-exterior-  Go around the entire exterior of your home and touch up any spots that you notice, as with other touch up, you will notice more spots than you thought once you get started.  Take a small folding ladder or stepstool with you.  Once you get started it will be hard to stop.  Please be safe, if you are not sure or don't feel comfortable at a given height on the ladder, just stop, you can always call a handyman later for the spots you can't reach or access safely. 

5) Replace all interior and exterior light bulbs that aren't working.  The most elegant chandelier or light fixture looks terrible with a burned out light bulb, take a quick trip to the hardware store and replace those burned out bulbs, most homes have at least a couple bulbs that need attention.  If time permits, dust and quickly polish the light fixtures with a clean soft cloth.  It is surprising how much dust accumulates on lighting.   As with the other items mentioned, once you get started it is hard to stop.

6)  Lubricate the front door lock, hinges, and any other locks and hinges throughout your home that need attention, use whatever oil you have on hand.  Over time, and with most homes in the area close to the ocean, locks will start to stick, hinges creak.   Take a few minutes to lightly lubricate and polish your lock hardware, its a small thing that makes a difference. 

Once your home is ready for sale, take a little extra time with the items above, these small things go a long way towards helping you get your home sold quickly.