With headlines all over the news about the real estate recovery, and with even more headlines about soaring San Francisco Bay Area prices, I'm frequently asked how the market is here.

Arcata, Sunnybrae, and Bayside are the hottest segments of the real estate market right now, especially priced below 400,000.  Those homes are getting sold quickly, with multiple offers in many cases.  Above 500,000 is a little slower, but still showing strength with some 500,000 plus Arcata homes selling in the first few weeks of listing.  Entry level homes in Arcata that a year and a half ago were selling between 175-210,000 are now selling for 210-260,000.  So thats about a 15% increase over the past year and a half, probably the biggest appreciation that we've seen for any segment. 

Eureka, McKinleyville, and Blue Lake have seen an increase in liquidity (shorter marketing times), and approximately 5% increase in selling prices over the "bottom" of a year and a half ago. 

For sellers, great news, the market is much better and your home will sell quickly if priced correctly.

For buyers, prices are still very affordable and have not gone up that much, you just need to go see the new listings as soon as they come on the market, and may need to offer a little more aggressively than in the past.  Interest rates are still very low, at or below 4.5%, so it still only costs you approx $500.00/month for every $100,000 you finance. 

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